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Don’t turn your house into a zoo.  Monkey Bizness is the perfect birthday party venue. Click here to book now.

Group Event Venue

Looking for the place to hold your next group event?  We have the ideal location for fun and more. Click here to learn more.

Indoor Playground

Join the Monkey League?  Collect all 4 drawing sheets between now and January 31 and earn your prize.  Open play is just plain fun.  Click here to learn more about our indoor playgrounds.

Family Fun at Monkey Bizness

Monkey Bizness is a place where kids can truly monkey around! Our giant indoor playground provides a safe, clean, environment for family fun. Children ages 1-10 are guaranteed to delight in the inflatable bouncy houses, slides, jungle gyms, and climbing walls and toys. Dedicated toddler playground areas provide a safe environment that is separated from “the big monkey’s”. Little Monkey Bizness locations are specially built for children ages 1-6 and feature a cafe for parents to enjoy freshly brewed Seattle’s Best coffee. Kids can play for hours, burning excess energy and promoting their overall health in the process. Our original Monkey Bizness locations are suited for kids ages 2-10 and feature large inflatable slides, obstacle courses, as well as multiple-story soft play equipment.

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STEM-based Enrichment Courses for Kids Ages 5-8

Monkey Bizness Birthday Party

We believe that Monkey Bizness is one of the best venues to hold your child’s birthday party at.  We offer birthday party packages that are competitively priced compared to other venues.  Our birthday party packages all include dedicated party hosts, utensils, and an option of private or semi private play in our indoor playgrounds.  If you are looking for birthday party ideas, please feel free to look around our website for some of the coolest birthday party ideas and cakes we have seen at our locations.

Our typical birthday party package accommodates 25 kids. If your birthday party exceeds 25 kids please contact your local Monkey Bizness so arrange for your party.  For your child’s birthday party we offer add-ons that include pizza, balloons, and drinks.  We do allow you to brink your own birthday cake, however all other outside food is subject to an additional fee. Click here to reserve your birthday party today!!!

Indoor Playground

At Monkey Bizness, we built our indoor playground for kids ages 1-10 in mind.  All of our locations have dedicated toddler playground areas so that the younger kids can play in a clean and safe environment that is away from the big monkey’s.  Every location’s indoor playground is slightly different however they all include large soft play equipment, inflatable bounce houses and slides, and other climbing toys.  Little Monkey Bizness locations are are especially built for children for ages 1-6 years old and feature a cafe for parents to enjoy freshly brewed coffee while their kids play.  Our original Monkey Bizness location are suited for kids ages 2-10 years old and feature large inflatable slides and obstacle courses as well as multiple story soft play equipment.  All of our locations are built with family fun in mind.

Click here to learn more about our indoor playground. We have also accumulated some of the more common customer questions that we get regarding our indoor playground open play time here.